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Re: Request for comments: LilyPond 2.12

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: Request for comments: LilyPond 2.12
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 20:45:26 -0300
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Graham Percival escreveu:
> The docs are generally ok, but I'd like to take another look at the new
> Program Usage manual.  Again, I expect to be done by the end of August. 
> I'm not certain if the translators want to look at this before 2.12
> comes out.

OK - I will be traveling the 1st weeks of september, so it's unlikely that
a stable release will happen before the beginning of October.

> I'd like to have a longer period between "almost ready" and "released". 
> This is partly to gather more bug reports before the .0 release, but

I'm not sure if this a good goal. We already have plenty of bugreports :)
The idea is that we want to move people away from 2.10, and which we can do
if 2.11 no regressions.  Fixing other bugs is a lofty goal, but should only
delay the release if they are really serious.

> also so that we can update LSR and move snippets into LSR.  My personal
> ideal is to have a completely empty input/new/  directory structure for
> the .0 release.  This probably isn't feasible, because the version of
> lilypond in LSR needs to be updated to 2.12-rc, then we need to add all
> these snippets and make sure everything still works.

> A more realistic goal is to clear out input/new/  by the 12.2.2 release
> -- we update LSR for .0, then start adding snippets.  This takes two or
> three weeks, and in the mean time we fix some previously-unreported
> regressions and release .1.

Shouldn't LSR start supporting 2.11 now?  Then we can have a 'finished' 
2.12 LSR by the time we release 2.12.

Han-Wen Nienhuys - address@hidden -

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