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Re: For future 2.14 doc discussion -- increasingly realistic musical exa

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: For future 2.14 doc discussion -- increasingly realistic musical examples
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:21:03 -0700
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Han-Wen said pretty much everything I was planning on saying, but I'll add/summarize some points:

1. Long musical examples in the manual are out. (cut+paste difficulty, looks complicated, adds unnecessary length to sections -- my ideal length is no more than two pages of HTML for each subsection)

2. I'm open to replacing manual examples with musical ones, provided that the musical example is just as clear as the existing one... but this is much *much* harder than it looks. That was the first lesson I learned when I started working on the docs: the easier it is to read, the harder it is to write. (Which sucks, because if it's easy to read, everybody assumes that it's easy to write. Then again, the same is true about performing music: better players make it look easier. :)

I could elaborate on this point if you want.

3. I completely agree that fancy, sexy, musical examples are a good thing for the manual. We already have the place for it: second item down on the right-hand column of the main doc page.

Unfortunately, with the possible exception of Cary (sorry about the missing accents), AFAIK this page hasn't been updated since 1.6.

If there's interest in adding fancy, sexy, musical examples, I'm completely available to organize it and improve the backend. (starting in about a week, though) If there's sufficient user interest, this could even make it into 2.14. But I'm not interested in writing/transcribing these examples myself; it has to come from the users.

- Graham

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