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Re: Copyright, new branches etc

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Re: Copyright, new branches etc
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 11:49:32 -0700
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Sorry, I should also have officially mentioned that I am tackling the *long* promised Braille output option for Lilypond. This is a *serious* effort to get this done.

I currently have some scheme and C++ code for manipulating Braille.
Also, I have modified a recent git pull to replicate the Performer implementation into an Embosser framework. This was a bigger job than I anticipated and affects about 30 or so files. I am currently paring the MIDI code from it to start adding Braille specific stuff.

I intend that the process should be incremental, supporting only the following initially:

Notes (inc. accidentals, dotted notes)
Multi-voice Parallel Music/Multiple Staves
Time Signatures
Key Signatures

Stuff like slurs, ties, dynamics etc will be added when I am happy with the above.

Han-Wen, presuming that you are willing to accept approved code on this into Lilypond, how would you like me to proceed?


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