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Clarifying and requests for documentation

From: Sawada , Yoshiki
Subject: Clarifying and requests for documentation
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2009 04:38:01 +0000 (UTC)
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Hello eveyone,

I want to clarify the contents of NR. And I have a request for

---- Clarifying ----
1. NR 1.2.1 Writing Changing the -> Tuplets -> Selected Snippets ->
        Changing the tuplet number

It says "By default, only the numerator of the tuplet number is printed over the
 tuplet bracket, i.e., the denominator of the argument to the \times command."
But, the number which is printed by default is the denominator.

2. NR 1.2.3 Displaying thythms -> Unmetered music -> See also

Reference to NR is empty. It should have links or be removed.

3. NR 1.2.3 Displaying rhythms -> Polymetric notation -> Selected Snippets

This snippet is used in the section "Time Signature" and discusses about
compound time signatures. I think it should be removed or replaced by
a appropriate snippet.

---- Request ----
1. NR 1.1.3 Displaying pitches -> Clef

In "See also", the reference to Internals Reference: "Clef" is translated to 
"音部記号" by ja.po file. But it should not be translated because it is a object

Sawada, Yoshiki

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