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Re: Make broken on master [fixed]

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: Make broken on master [fixed]
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 16:19:19 +0200 (CEST)

> Duh, I tracked down the problem; sorry for the delay, I would have
> solved it earlier if I wasn't an idiot or with more complete make
> logs, as I didn't got this failure on my machine, probably because
> of the typical order make compiles Lily docs on it.

It still fails for me on my GNU/Linux box (using git e306bf5d from
today, checked out cleanly in a separate directory with `git clone').
The first documentation file processed is snippets.tely, then followed
by notation.tely which aborts since identifiers.tely is missing.

Somehow your patch to force the processing of internals.texi first
doesn't work.


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