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Re: kainhofer docs not updating

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: kainhofer docs not updating
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2009 11:52:25 +0200

Le samedi 05 septembre 2009 à 00:43 +0100, Graham Percival a écrit : 
> 3) we might be switching to SCons "soon", so there's unfortunately
>   little interest in tracking down the above problems.  As always,
>   patches appreciated if you're particularly curious about this
>   issue.

I won't support switching to SCons, which will be the subject of a new

> 4) John is the main person for #2 and #3, but he's
>   sorting out issues with his upcoming PhD in Italy.  He might
>   also be involved in the EU by-election in France.
>   (admittedly, that's a pure guess: Valentin is involved, and
>   since John lives in the same country as him, he might also
>   be involved.  Not the most stringent logical argument I've ever
>   constructed.  :)

Although I even lived in Paris for more than one month and have spent a
few days at Valentin's, I'm not involved in this by-election; I'm
already involved in many enough projects to be busy 12 hours out of
24 :-)


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