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Re: Add tab-tie-follow-engraver (issue2723043)

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: Add tab-tie-follow-engraver (issue2723043)
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2010 20:22:53 +0100
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Am 05.12.2010 02:19, schrieb address@hidden:
On 2010/12/05 00:58:13, Neil Puttock wrote:
I don't know, but they're consistently shifted to the right unless
there are double-digit notes present.

I wanted your opinion on the spacing in the .png I sent.  I adjusted the
offset, but it wasn't part of this patch.

I have deliberately shifted the tab note heads to the right, because
they were slightly too far to the left, in my opinion.
I don't know why, but in the .png it looks as if they were almost right-aligned to the
note heads, but in fact, they are centered.

Perhaps the left edge of a number should be aligned to the left edge of a note head when the fret number is a single digit, whereas fret numbers > 9 should be centered
according to the center of the left-aligned single digits (I don't know how
to describe this in a simpler way...).



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