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Re: Add /chordGlissando to music functions (issue3530042)

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Add /chordGlissando to music functions (issue3530042)
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 13:07:02 -0700

On 12/11/10 12:39 PM, "Graham Percival" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 11, 2010 at 07:04:20PM +0000, address@hidden wrote:
>> On 2010/12/11 18:52:28, Valentin Villenave wrote:
>>> That being said, if we're to start accepting such tricks in the
>> default
>>> distribution, then I can think of several great snippets that would
>> also make
>>> good candidates for inclusion :-)
>> Maybe we could create a directory called hacks/, where items that we
>> don't really want in the main code base but are of use to users could be
>> stored.
> I tried to organize that during GDP.  Nobody was interested.  I
> tried to get somebody to look into a few technical questions over
> the summer:
> but nobody was interested.
> Granted, that last email isn't terribly encouraging, but I stand
> by the main points:
> 1. somebody needs to do some research
> 2. nothing is happening until 2.14 is out

I agree with the main points.

I think, though, that my proposal was different from Mike's.

My proposal is a simple directory with hacks in it.

Mike's is a modular architecture that supports documentation as well as .ly

>> If we started doing this, though, how would we distinguish between hacks
>> that go only in the LSR and those that go in the hacks/ directory?
> That's the easiest part.  One person takes responsibility as the
> ly/ maintainer (or ly/hacks/, if you prefer), and *they* decide.
> Or, given our collective disinterest in taking on
> responsibilities, maybe that's the hardest part.  :|


> There's a bunch of areas where we suffer from a lack of
> organization, of course, but we have a plan for sorting those out,
> and in six months or so they should all be settled.  Our main
> problem is that we have too many ideas and not enough work being
> done to implement those ideas.  In army terms, we need "boots on
> the ground".



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