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Re: Towards a new pitch representation

From: Felipe Gonçalves Assis
Subject: Re: Towards a new pitch representation
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 14:28:24 -0300

Ok, Carl,

You vote for a list of integers, with arbitrary length.

There is actually no complication in not specifying its size.
Te midi engraver, for example, would just ignore entries
for which no value was specified. And in transpositions,
the unspecified values would just be considered zero.

In, as I understand it, we would not need
longer lists, just one-sized lists with a different
magnitude specification, as in my current patch.
At least in order to maintain the current behaviour
with regards to transposition.

In general, anything that should behave the old way,
should use a single alteration level.

I look forward to hearing more opinions.


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