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Re: Towards a new pitch representation

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Towards a new pitch representation
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 12:46:21 -0700

On 12/31/10 10:28 AM, "Felipe Gonçalves Assis" <address@hidden>

> Ok, Carl,
> You vote for a list of integers, with arbitrary length.

I'm not sure I vote, yet.  I'm still in discussion mode.

I *do* vote for either a number or a list, so that the current behavior can

I *do* vote for a list, rather than a pair, for the alterations, because
that allows extension to arbitrary levels of alterations.

I *think* I vote for separating the scale degree from the alterations.  The
approach of including degree and alterations in a combined list has
mathematical elegance, most musicians will think in terms of scale degree
with alterations (e.g. d flat is scale degree d with an alteration of flat).
I think the current interface is good from the user point of view.



P.S.  I'm so impressed that you came along *making* the change, instead of
asking somebody else to make the change for you.  That's a great

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