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Re: Uploading a patch to Rietveld

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Uploading a patch to Rietveld
Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 21:02:14 +0100
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On Sun, May 01, 2011 at 08:35:15PM +0100, Phil Holmes wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Graham Percival"
> >On Sun, May 01, 2011 at 06:44:41PM +0100, Phil Holmes wrote:
> >the iso from lilynet is named ubuntu-lilydev-remix-1.1.iso
> >so if yours is called something else, I'd be suspicious.
> Yes - I've got ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso

oh, ok.  You don't have lilydev, or lilybuntu, or anything related
to the stuff that Jonathan prepared.  That's a plain old ubuntu
install.  Nothing wrong with it -- it's what I use on most of my
computers -- but you need more linux knowledge to get it set up.
You're just not benefitting from the work we did on lilydev to
make it easier for contributors.

> >sudo isn't needed.  That won't do anything because you don't have
> >a file called "" in lilypond-git.
> OK.   When I was in the bin directory, it gave me a permission
> denied without the sudo.  I assumed that the was a directory,
> and I did have one of those in lilypond-git.
> >Move the git-cl directory to the main home dir, then do
> > cd bin
> Strictly, this doesn't work on my system.  I have to do a few cd ..
> commands before bin is there.

ok, that's why you can't do this with normal user permissions.
You're looking at
instead of

lilydev has a
which is a "more proper" place to put stuff like this.  Umm...
it's kind-of like putting a program in C:\Program Files\dir\
instead of dumping stuff in C:\Windows\System\

Both methods will work, but one of them feels a bit "off".

> >and then try:
> > git-cl
> >you should get a "git cl help" message at this point.
> Yup :-).  Is the CG in error - it says git cl, not git-cl?

It should be fine either way.

> The CG now says:
> "If you added your patch to master, then:
> git pull -r
> git cl upload origin/master"
> TBH, I don't know whether I did or not.  Should I follow these
> instructions exactly?

If you got some output with git-cl (or git cl), then follow those
two lines exactly.
git pull -r
git cl upload origin/master

When we make version 2.0 of lilydev, I'd recommend getting that
instead of using mainstream ubuntu.  But your system should be
fine for now.

- Graham

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