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Re: Doc: NR rewrite of 3.2 Titles and Headers (issue4124056)

From: pkx166h
Subject: Re: Doc: NR rewrite of 3.2 Titles and Headers (issue4124056)
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 16:55:49 +0000

On 2011/05/05 23:06:25, Graham Percival wrote:
File Documentation/notation/input.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/input.itely:674: @example
On 2011/05/05 11:05:22, J_lowe wrote:
> Yes we did, you'll also remember that you sent out an email to dev
asking for
> help as I struggled to get this working

No, it's worse than that -- I sent an email to the *user* list.
Almost every
user knows the answer.  Certainly anybody who asks about scheme or
page layout
knows the answer.

> and it seemed to me that there are some
> very specific places where it will and won't work.

It's not any more or less specific than any other type of layout

> :(

Yes, definitely.

I'll poke people again.

Thanks, with that and my going back and re-reading the replies I have
come up with an example and a para before the example, which I think
might be a bit convoluted :) comments welcome.

Nearly there I think?

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