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Re: convert-ly rules to destencil Flags

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: convert-ly rules to destencil Flags
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 16:47:17 +0200

On Oct 24, 2011, at 4:29 PM, David Kastrup wrote:

> Mike has pushed directly 671b7b63408893c33b4c1f196e87db19a7dbcd1e to
> master, as far as I can see without any discussion and without going
> through staging.

This got to patch push after going through a countdown.
As for staging, I'm still waiting on a response for how that works so I can do 
However, I did a complete build with this patch and know it doesn't break 
anything, so I don't see how staging would have helped here.

> I changed the rules somewhat in order make them get useful output for
> \once\override as well, and pushed this directly to master as a
> followup.  Yes, this means that I have not been following procedures as
> well, but I think that this is likely to cause the least _additional_
> breakage and pain.
> Of course, some files in the tree have been fixed _manually_ by Mike
> already without adjusting the \version string appropriately, meaning
> that running scripts/auxiliar/ will rewrite
> those files again.

Which files?  Were these files part of a countdown and, if so, were they 
commented upon?  Going through the Flag patch was my first time making a change 
like this, and it would have helped to get comments from people who know how 
this works regarding versioning.

> Either a separate commit should be made first that adjusts the version
> strings (probably cleanest), or when running convert-ly, the files that
> got a second helping of adjustments need to be cleaned up.
> Or the convertrules need to be further enhanced in order to recognize
> whether they have already been applied previously.  Since this is only
> relevant for people not following rules, I think that would be overkill.
> In any case, I have about two different changes outstanding that need to
> apply their own convertrules.
> Until Mike gets his act cleaned up, my changes are stalled since it does
> not make sense to commit _his_ convertrules results in the tree as part
> of _my_ commits.

You can revert the patch if you need to.
This is the second e-mail I've gotten from you in the past week regarding a 
patch of mine after a countdown and patch-push.  Your feedback's very helpful, 
and if you can get it to me before something is flagged as patch-push, it'll 
help me avoid this type of problem.


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