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Re: convert-ly rules to destencil Flags

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: convert-ly rules to destencil Flags
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 17:12:17 +0200
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"address@hidden" <address@hidden> writes:

> On Oct 24, 2011, at 4:29 PM, David Kastrup wrote:
>> Mike has pushed directly 671b7b63408893c33b4c1f196e87db19a7dbcd1e to
>> master, as far as I can see without any discussion and without going
>> through staging.
> This got to patch push after going through a countdown.

Ok, so my mistake, and the only one not following rules at all am I.
The problem is that to do a full review of convertrules means actually
_applying_ them and looking at the results (including testing them, but
also checking visually).  Which does not appear to have happened here.

> As for staging, I'm still waiting on a response for how that works so
> I can do it.

git fetch
git rebase origin/dev/staging
git push origin HEAD:dev/staging

> However, I did a complete build with this patch and know it doesn't
> break anything, so I don't see how staging would have helped here.

The patch does not break anything, but the output of actually _running_
the convertrules (which is their whole point) is partly not pretty,
partly wrong (because of double updates).

> Which files?  Were these files part of a countdown and, if so, were
> they commented upon?  Going through the Flag patch was my first time
> making a change like this, and it would have helped to get comments
> from people who know how this works regarding versioning.

The problems are the convertrules, not the files that have _not_ _yet_
been committed but which will result from running convert-ly.

I recommend you do the following: first pull from master (if you are not
interested in seeing why I improved the rules).

Make sure you have no uncommitted changes (git diff should be empty).

Then run


When it finishes, check the output of "git diff".  You will see that
there are files which now contain duplicate fixes.  Verify that those
contain _only_ duplicate fixes (manual and automatic) as well as the
version number update and write down their names.

Now do
git reset --hard

For all of the files which were double-fixed, edit their version string
to indicate that they are already up to date (according to your last

Do a commit that contains just these files with their updated version
string, reflecting the version they represent after your previous manual

Now run scripts/auxiliar/update-with-convert-ly

Check that the output of "git diff" is sane.  Run the regtests.  If they
work out, commit.

Put out for review and/or push to dev/staging.  Since we are talking
about fixups to something which has already passed reviews and
countdowns, I'd consider dev/staging reasonable, and I won't be stalled
anymore.  If Graham disagrees with that assessment, he need not pull the
changes over into master.

Note that this procedure is only ok if the intermediate state before
running convert-ly also does not break regtests (merely looking ugly
does not count), or bisecting will get hampered.  Since we already
arrived at this "intermediate" state with working regtests, this is just
something to keep in mind next time around.

David Kastrup

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