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Re: Server at Paris VIII

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Server at Paris VIII
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 19:24:11 +0200
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On Sun, May 13, 2012 at 12:08:58PM +0200, address@hidden wrote:
> John suggests that we set up a basic infrastructure that allows
> us to access the server via SSH and then do with it as we wish.
> Note that I am using the words "SSH" to a lesser extent "server"
> without really knowing what they mean, but John does and he'll
> be able to communicate our needs to the technical team.

Open up Terminal on your mac.  That's what ssh is [1].  You have a
command-line on a different computer.

[1] vastly simplified.

Now open up X11 on your mac, installed via the developer tools.
Anything you run inside X11 [2] (such as gitk or firefox) can be
run from an external machine, with the graphics showing up on your
computer but running on the external machine.

[2] again, vastly simplified.

> He asked if we were thinking of using it for something like weblily and my 
> tentative response was no.

Agreed.  I think the most we'd use it for would be LSR.  I don't
think we should give ssh logins to developers for testing patches;
that should be done locally otherwise it could easily lead to
major headaches [3] for whoever's handling this.

[3] then again, it's not me so if you want to try it, go ahead.

- Graham

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