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Re: Meeting 2nd half of August!

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: Meeting 2nd half of August!
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 08:11:48 +0200
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Am 29.06.2012 08:05, schrieb address@hidden:
On 26 juin 2012, at 18:26, David Kastrup wrote:

Graham Percival <address@hidden> writes:

Mailing list arguments are a trickier issue. It’s clearly a big
problem, but this isn’t something we can fix by waving a change of
policy. I’ll schedule a time to discuss it. We need to do
something about this, although at the moment I have no immediate
I have one.  It may sound absurd, but then I have learnt "once you ruled
out the impossible whatever remains however improbable might be
effective", and there are a few things that somehow or other appear to
be hard, particularly for me.  Decent communication in electronic media
is one of the things I am spectacularly bad at.  One thing that has
turned out to be effective at times is meeting people in person.

While I won't be as audacious to state that this is a cure-all, it lends
more depth to your communication partners than the rather anonymous
style of communicating through electronic letters does, and has a
lasting effect.  It has been more effective in deflating tensions
permanently than other measures I can think of.  It is, in a way,
pitiful that this should work, but then it still would be more of a pity
not to make use of that.

I am living in a sort-of commune in a rural region, in a house next to
the stables of a riding school (my girl friend makes a somewhat
unimpressive living from that).  I seem to remember that Werner was away
until the middle of August, and the school holidays last until August
21st.  There is no real need to synchronize to the school holidays since
our activities are more or less independent from that of the school.  We
could, however, target Friday August 17th to Tuesday August 21st (or, if
it is more convenient for people, one week later) for a meeting for
programming, composing and talking.  It is not like there is a shortage
of programming projects one could tackle together.  Guilev2 migration

We could do a few workshops, like "working on the parser", "fiddling
with the backend", "introduction to GOOPS", "becoming friends with the
garbage collector", "scything stinging nettles", "shoveling heaps of
crap" (this can be even practiced without a computer).  Accommodation
can be arranged for a number of people.

If the basic mailing list relations of at least some core of developers
have become more relaxed, it helps for cooperating in creating a more
welcoming atmosphere.  One can better compensate for other people's
fault.  I am, of course, a natural contender for organizing such a
meeting since few people would likely deny that my own ways of
interacting with others on our lists could benefit a lot from

So the core data would be "Dortmund Germany" (about 10 miles from there)
and the proposal for a date would Friday August 17th to Tuesday August
21st, or one week later.

Yes, it sounds silly as a means to address the GOP question.  But once I
have ruled out all mature and sane ways of addressing a problem, I have
not rarely have had some success trying the silly ones.

Are you with me?

David Kastrup

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Hey all,

Sorry for the long delay.  The second batch of dates in August are doable for 
me (Friday the 24th to Tuesday the 28th). Keep me posted!
Would be ok for me, too.


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