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Re: Patchy's built docs on the web

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Patchy's built docs on the web
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 18:36:26 +0200

Il giorno mar, 31/07/2012 alle 17.08 +0100, Graham Percival ha scritto:
> I suppose that something could go at the very bottom of that page,
> but it's kind-of full already.  If we _do_ add anything like that,
> then we should thank GNU first and foremost, then google code,
> then rietveld, then mshparisnord.

Sure.  I realized that we didn't have these thanks on the old website
I raised this because I signed to mention this support "whenever as
necessary", so I thought a mention on the website would be fine.

> Perhaps we should rename the current "sponsoring" page to
> something else ("supported development?"  it's a bit long, though)
> and use the "sponsoring" page for entities which have donated
> services or hardware.

Fine, or we could instead add a page called "Hosting support".

As soon as we agree on something, I'll provide a patch, but we don't
quickly find a good way to handle this, I'll just drop a new item.


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