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GSoC: MusicXML export

From: David Garfinkle
Subject: GSoC: MusicXML export
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 05:23:40 -0400

Hi developers,

I'm preparing an application to continue working on MusicXML export under
GSoC. The whole application is viewable here:,
but I am wondering about concrete goals in particular.

I've written: *"**Currently, export is limited to single-part scores with
key & time signatures, clefs, sequential notes, chords, and articulations.
This project aims to integrate and extend the current functionality,
including necessary musical expressions such as polyphonic music, multiple
parts, rests, tuplets, and ties." *What do you think are necessary music
expressions that should be included in the concrete goals of the project?
Is polyphonic music & multiple parts a priority over other music
expressions like chord symbols, fingering, glissandos, dynamics, etc. Can
you think of other necessary expressions you would like to see implemented
beyond rests, tuplets, ties? I guess what I mean by 'necessary' here is not
expressive or decorative expressions but rather the bare necessity to
define the rhythm and notes. *In short I'm asking:* what expressions would
you prioritize for MusicXML export? That way I can work in the order of
what everyone wants to see, and get as far as I can. Thanks for your help,

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