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unfoldRepeats can be restricted to certain repeat-types (issue 318890043

From: thomasmorley65
Subject: unfoldRepeats can be restricted to certain repeat-types (issue 318890043 by address@hidden)
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2016 14:02:19 -0800

Reviewers: ,

Please review

unfoldRepeats can be restricted to certain repeat-types

It now takes an additional, optional argument.
It's a list of symbols representing the repeat-types which should
be unfolded.
Possible settings are percent-repeated-music, tremolo-repeated-music,
volta-repeated-music and of course repeated-music which is the
default and will unfold all.
A new regtest is added to cover the new feature.
Changes is extended accordingly.

Also correcting two small typos in Documentation/notation/staff.itely

Please review this at

Affected files (+73, -20 lines):
  M Documentation/changes.tely
  M Documentation/notation/staff.itely
  A input/regression/
  M ly/
  M scm/music-functions.scm

Index: Documentation/changes.tely
diff --git a/Documentation/changes.tely b/Documentation/changes.tely
index 2407b3d018f3c664b9e6c387b04647684db2cea4..a085eb57a2ac72bd0135ac0c58e573715132d4a2 100644
--- a/Documentation/changes.tely
+++ b/Documentation/changes.tely
@@ -62,6 +62,13 @@ which scares away people.
 @end ignore

+The music function @code{\\unfoldRepeats} can now take an
+optional argument-list specifying which type(s) of repeated music
+should be unfolded.  Possible entries are @code{percent-repeated-music},
address@hidden, @code{volta-repeated-music} and of course
+the general @code{repeated-music} which is the default and will unfold all.
 A new @code{output-attributes} grob property is now used for svg output
 instead of the @code{id} grob property.  It allows multiple attributes
 to be defined as an association list.  For example, @code{#'((id . 123)
Index: Documentation/notation/staff.itely
diff --git a/Documentation/notation/staff.itely b/Documentation/notation/staff.itely index a1144346644864b8298f30a4fe6e9df2423c9078..d097535643b0bb9a4f6e6841755b11c07b65fa5c 100644
--- a/Documentation/notation/staff.itely
+++ b/Documentation/notation/staff.itely
@@ -1078,9 +1078,9 @@ oboeNotes = \relative {
 @end lilypond

-If an @code{\unfoldRepeat} command in a music expression is required to
+If an @code{\unfoldRepeats} command in a music expression is required to
 be printed when using @code{\quoteDuring}, then it too must also contain
-its own @code{\unfoldRepeat} command;
+its own @code{\unfoldRepeats} command;

 fluteNotes = \relative {
Index: input/regression/
diff --git a/input/regression/ b/input/regression/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000..cb6d05627ca3f22c8f376a3adc1d7e14c5519783
--- /dev/null
+++ b/input/regression/
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
+\header {
+  texidoc = "The music function @code{\\unfoldRepeats} can take an
+optional argument-list specifying which type(s) of repeated music has
+to be unfolded."
+m =
+  \repeat volta 2 {
+      \repeat percent 2 { c'1 }
+      \repeat tremolo 4 { c'16 d' }
+      f'2
+  }
+  \alternative {
+      { d'1 }
+      { e'1 }
+  }
+\markup "not expanding"
+\markup "expanding all"
+\unfoldRepeats \m
+\markup "expanding percent-repeated-music"
+\unfoldRepeats #'(percent-repeated-music) \m
+\markup "expanding tremolo-repeated-music"
+\unfoldRepeats #'(tremolo-repeated-music) \m
+\markup "expanding volta-repeated-music"
+\unfoldRepeats #'(volta-repeated-music) \m
+\markup \column {
+  "combinations are possible:"
+  "expanding percent-repeated-music and tremolo-repeated-music"
+\unfoldRepeats #'(percent-repeated-music tremolo-repeated-music) \m
Index: ly/
diff --git a/ly/ b/ly/
index d96e655370612f6e107ac3259df3a4c066071fd1..b6b10e98fd12c28e927af43c9791cd0728560628 100644
--- a/ly/
+++ b/ly/
@@ -1976,11 +1976,17 @@ unsets already in @var{music} cause a warning. Non-property-related music is ig
         (else (make-sequential-music lst))))))

 unfoldRepeats =
-#(define-music-function (music) (ly:music?)
-   (_i "Force any @code{\\repeat volta}, @code{\\repeat tremolo} or
+#(define-music-function (types music)
+   ((symbol-list? '(repeated-music)) ly:music?)
+   (_i "Force @code{\\repeat volta}, @code{\\repeat tremolo} or
 @code{\\repeat percent} commands in @var{music} to be interpreted
-as @code{\\repeat unfold}.")
-   (unfold-repeats music))
+as @code{\\repeat unfold}, if specified in the optional symbol-list @var{types},
+which defaults to @code{'(repeated-music)}, which will force any of those
+commands in @var{music} to be interpreted as @code{\\repeat unfold}.
+Possible other entries are @code{volta-repeated-music},
address@hidden or @code{percent-repeated-music}.
+Multiple entries are possible.")
+   (unfold-repeats types music))

 void =
 #(define-void-function (arg) (scheme?)
Index: scm/music-functions.scm
diff --git a/scm/music-functions.scm b/scm/music-functions.scm
index 3e9818d0093b48c1d0072dbfe3d7fa2d97efcf18..7a7fdf293ea8dd16057df0fea8e6d6485eddc7fc 100644
--- a/scm/music-functions.scm
+++ b/scm/music-functions.scm
@@ -390,19 +390,22 @@ beats to be distinguished."
 ;; repeats.

-(define-public (unfold-repeats music)
-  "Replace all repeats with unfolded repeats."
-  (let ((es (ly:music-property music 'elements))
-        (e (ly:music-property music 'element)))
-    (if (music-is-of-type? music 'repeated-music)
-        (set! music (make-music 'UnfoldedRepeatedMusic music)))
-    (if (pair? es)
-        (set! (ly:music-property music 'elements)
-              (map unfold-repeats es)))
-    (if (ly:music? e)
-        (set! (ly:music-property music 'element)
-              (unfold-repeats e)))
-    music))
+(define-public (unfold-repeats types music)
+ "Replace repeats of the types given by @var{types} with unfolded repeats."
+  (for-each
+    (lambda (type)
+      (let ((es (ly:music-property music 'elements))
+            (e (ly:music-property music 'element)))
+        (if (music-is-of-type? music type)
+            (set! music (make-music 'UnfoldedRepeatedMusic music)))
+        (if (pair? es)
+            (set! (ly:music-property music 'elements)
+                  (map (lambda (x) (unfold-repeats types x)) es)))
+        (if (ly:music? e)
+            (set! (ly:music-property music 'element)
+                  (unfold-repeats types e)))))
+    types)
+  music)

 (define-public (unfold-repeats-fully music)
"Unfolds repeats and expands the resulting @code{unfolded-repeated-music}."
@@ -411,7 +414,7 @@ beats to be distinguished."
      (and (music-is-of-type? m 'unfolded-repeated-music)
            (ly:music-deep-copy (make-unfolded-set m)))))
-   (unfold-repeats music)))
+   (unfold-repeats '(repeated-music) music)))

 ;; property setting music objs.

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