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Re: LilyPond in Debian

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: LilyPond in Debian
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 23:28:23 +0200
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Am 12.09.2017 um 18:39 schrieb Knut Petersen:
> Am 12.09.2017 um 16:46 schrieb Urs Liska:
>>>> And more, can't I build Guile once, into some other directory and
>>>> rather
>>>> than rebuilding it each time place a symlink into the LilyPond
>>>> installation directory? This would be very useful as I tend to have
>>>> multiple builds in parallel.
>>> Multiple builds of lilypond at the same time?
>> Yes, definitely. I often (at least in times when I'm actually working on
>> stuff in LilyPond) have multiple builds side-by-side. For example one
>> from current master and others from different open branches or even from
>> earlier releases. Actually Frescobaldi even has got explicit support for
>> this upon Janek's request.
> Now I understand. Yes, obviously you might put guile anywhere you want
> and reuse it.
>> Nothing.
>> The output without the last grep is attached.
> I think deleting every of the two occurrences of the string "64" in
> the build script has a good chance to cure the problem.

Thank you, this actually worked.
Now finally again I have a self-compiled LilyPond 2.21.0 again, on a
system that doesn't normally have Guile 1.8 anymore :-)

Of course I'll have to iron out some things and make it generally usable
for my purposes (namely the flexibility to repeatedly compile different
LilyPond versions with as little effort as possible), but I'm confident
it'll work.

So far I had used a script provided by Janek that is very flexible and
polished. I'll check whether it will work to update *this* script to use
this self-compiled Guile.


> Knut

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