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Re: Use -b together with -dgs-never-embed-fonts (issue 325630043 by addr

From: trueroad
Subject: Re: Use -b together with -dgs-never-embed-fonts (issue 325630043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 09:49:14 -0700

`-dgs-never-embed-fonts` doesn't effect for TrueType fonts.
Therefore, when both `-dgs-never-embed-fonts` and `--bigpdfs`/`-b` are
used at the same time, TrueType fonts are embedded as full set (ie
non-subset). (if there is no bug in gs.)
On the other hand, some intermeiate PDFs use Japanese TrueType font.
Of course the CJK font is a very large file size.

Combining them means that the size of the final PDF may be smaller but
the size of the intermediate PDFs will be larger.
In my experiment, even if there is a bug in gs's full set font
embedding, the disk size that `make doc` eats has increased.

If I understand correctly, `--bigpdfs` / `-b` has two effects.
One is to embed full set (non-subset) font.
The other is to define and use some encodings for Emmentaler.

In my humble opinion , how about making two options that can specify
each of them individually?
E.g. the former one might be `--dgs-embed-fullset-fonts`.
And ,the latter one might be `--duse-notation-font-encodings`.

Then, `--bigpdfs` / `-b` will be an alias for a combination of
`--dgs-embed-fullset-fonts` and `--duse-notation-font-encodings`.
For `make doc`, use `-dgs-never-embed-fonts
--duse-notation-font-encodings` instead of `-dgs-never-embed-fonts -b`.

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