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Re: Use -b together with -dgs-never-embed-fonts (issue 325630043 by addr

From: trueroad
Subject: Re: Use -b together with -dgs-never-embed-fonts (issue 325630043 by address@hidden)
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 07:50:09 -0700

On 2017/09/25 13:21:44, dak wrote:
I don't really have a clue here: can someone chime in with the current
Ghostscript versions in possibly concerned distributions?  Naturally
our own Gub-based ones?

GUB has Ghostscript 9.21 except freebsd-x86.
(Ghostscript 9.2x for freebsd-x86 raises seg fault. So Ghostscript 9.15
is used for freebsd-x86.)

GUB also has extractpdfmark.

Or is 9.20+ just a conservative estimate and older versions will (or
likely work as well?

Ghostscript 9.20+ is needed.
Ghostscript 9.19 doesn't work fine.
9.19 can not handle some named destinations like Unicode strings that
generated by Texinfo.

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