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Re: -dcrop not included in 2.20?

From: Joram
Subject: Re: -dcrop not included in 2.20?
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2017 13:06:13 +0100
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Hi David,

unfortunately I expected this inappropriate reaction.

> Nobody, by the way, bothering to address this on a technical level.

Because Étienne did as far as he can by proposing a patch and others
(like me) can not address it. Especially not without knowning what is
wrong with his patch in the first place. (Your reaction does not tell
but indicates you think there is something wrong. But we do not know

>> Or in other words what would have to be done/what would have to change
>> to include it? What would the road for inclusion look like? (Am I
>> right that it's more about the 'how and when' then about the 'if ever'
>> of such a functionality?)
> Essentially: "How can I manipulate the release manager to do my
> bidding?"  

No. The issue is several steps before that: Why not just include the
patch as it is? It looks like you are not comfortable with that but it
is not clear why and how a patch would look like that would be better.

Or do I understand you right that no release manager exists and thus no
commit would be merged to a 2.20 release branch at all? Then there is in
deed no point in discussing any 2.20 topic.


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