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Re: xml2ly, a new translator from MusicXML to LilyPond

From: Menu Jacques
Subject: Re: xml2ly, a new translator from MusicXML to LilyPond
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2018 17:09:23 +0200

Hello Urs,

My work (MSR, LPSR and xml2ly) is contributed to Grame’s library as the 
‘lilypond’ branch of their github repository.

The aim is to merge them with the ‘dev’ branch soon, in which case it will 
become part of the library itself.

My OP’s aim is to see how they can be built automatically and made available 
together with LilyPond on the three main OSes, should they be felt as useful 
for a number of Lily users.

Quoted from Dominique Fober on this topic:

        Binaries are not available from the git repository, they are 
distributed using sourceforge file release system.


> Le 1 sept. 2018 à 11:50, Urs Liska <address@hidden> a écrit :
> Am 1. September 2018 11:37:14 MESZ schrieb Victor Rouanet <address@hidden>:
>> Le 01/09/2018 à 10:25, Menu Jacques a écrit :
>>> I only have read access to the github issue tracker yet. How can can
>> I 
>>> get working access to it?
>> I guess you have to ask the repository owner to grant you the 
>> appropriate permission, but I don't know github very well. We can also 
>> exchange by email (peut-être en français :-)) if it suits you better
>> for 
>> the moment.
> It is correct that the owner of a GitHub repository can grant access to a 
> repository. AFAIK the privilege to edit issues is the same as the one for 
> pushing, though.
> However, I'm somewhat confused: do you have a new tool in your own repository 
> it were you only referencing Dominique Fober's library (I don't have access 
> to a PC right now, so I couldn't check it out)?
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