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Re: xml2ly, a new translator from MusicXML to LilyPond

From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: xml2ly, a new translator from MusicXML to LilyPond
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2018 11:49:27 +0100
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Hello Jaques

On 02/09/18 20:33, Menu Jacques wrote:
Hello James,

Please also don't forget that it (whatever 'it' is, and assuming it is 
accepted) will need to work when run against our regression tests (i.e. make 
These tests are what I named the Unofficial Test Suite in my OP, as they were 
called when I started my project. Most of them are already translated 
satisfactorily by xml2ly.

Sorry, I am not a developer just the Patch Meister who currently also tests and checks all patches via our 'make' scripts.

So if your code was added 'now' and I were to run autoconf and then make test-baseline/make check commands the xml2ly function would be exercised properly (and then again for any new patches that were added) If not then the additional code changes I was referring to would be specifically to do with the regression test part of all our make scripts.


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