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Re: 2.20 plans.

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: 2.20 plans.
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 10:28:32 +0200

Il giorno mar 16 ott 2018 alle 22:11, David Kastrup <address@hidden> ha scritto:
"Phil Holmes" <address@hidden> writes:

I've been trying a GUB build today. It's failed rather strangely. At
 first I got:

Command barfed: cd /home/gub/NewGub/gub/downloads/lilypond/git && git
 fetch git://

 Tail of log/gub.log >>>>>>>>
 *** Stage: download (lilypond, darwin-x86)
 invoking cd /home/gub/NewGub/gub/downloads/lilypond/git && git fetch
 fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service
 not known)
Command barfed: cd /home/gub/NewGub/gub/downloads/lilypond/git && git
 fetch git://

 I thought that might be down to a network problem, so I tried the
network and it looked OK so I ran the make again and this time I got:

 Tail of target/freebsd-x86/log/lilypond.log >>>>>>>>
 building package: freebsd-x86::lilypond
 *** Stage: download (lilypond, freebsd-x86)
 *** Stage: untar (lilypond, freebsd-x86)
 invoking cd /home/gub/NewGub/gub/downloads/lilypond/git && git fetch
 <<<<<<<< Tail of target/freebsd-x86/log/lilypond.log

 Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "bin/gub", line 233, in exceptional_build
 build (settings, options, files)
 File "bin/gub", line 229, in build
 b.build_source_packages (names)
 File "bin/../gub/", line 334, in build_source_packages
 self.spec_build (spec_name)
 File "bin/../gub/", line 262, in spec_build
 deferred_runner.execute_deferred_commands ()
 File "bin/../gub/", line 167, in execute_deferred_commands
 cmd.execute (self.logger)
 File "bin/../gub/", line 48, in execute
 buildspec.source.update_workdir (buildspec.expand ('%(srcdir)s'))
 File "bin/../gub/", line 699, in update_workdir
 self._update_workdir_shallow (destdir)
File "bin/../gub/", line 707, in _update_workdir_shallow
 NameError: global name 'barf' is not defined

 Any thoughts of where to go from here?

"barf" sounds like an intentionally undefined function, "called" in
order to get a backtrace.

When I learnt programming, long long ago in the time of punch cards, my
mentor used "CALL HUGO" for this purpose.  Indeed this triggered a
_runtime_ error on the Fortran 77 compiler of the Cyber 175.

I guess this is the same trick, just for Python.  So now we have a
backtrace.  We just need to figure out what reason "barf" is getting
called for.  What's in line 707 of ?

git head is invalid?

   def _update_workdir_shallow (self, destdir):
       branch = self.branch # branch is empty?
       branch = 'master'
       HEAD = self.checksum ()
       if HEAD == 'invalid':


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