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Re: gub: I can now completely build lilypond

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: gub: I can now completely build lilypond
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 17:01:44 +0100
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Le samedi 19 janvier 2019 à 09:19 +0100, Federico Bruni a écrit :
> I did not succeed with GUB in Ubuntu 14.04 last November, but that
> was 
> before the patches from Werner and Knut. I might give it a try
> again. 
> If it works, I may create a new container that anybody could use to
> run 
> GUB.

If you struggle at it, I can tell more about my detailed setup
(packages set etc.). In a longer term perspective, it's desirable to be
able to build GUB on more recent distributions, as Werner and Knut have
been investigating.

> If you and Werner managed to build the installers, why don't you get
> in 
> touch with Phil to make a new release?

I'm certainly available to upload binaries and docs built from GUB, but
I'm still not available enough to take the responsability to check
thoroughly the correctness of the build and do other release work. My
hardware and network are also not ideal (it takes around 8 hours for
building from scratch, I haven't tried a non fresh build yet, and my
connection is the 4G mobile network, so I could upload a full set of
GUB build up to twice a week). I hope building with GUB and rolling a
release can be done by distinct people, so my little available time can
be spent on upgrading Python in GUB, which is now for me a challenge as
great as hacking the build system a decade ago.

John Mandereau

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