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Re: gub: I can now completely build lilypond

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: gub: I can now completely build lilypond
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 00:01:37 +0100
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Hi Werner, hi folks,
Le lundi 07 janvier 2019 à 08:10 +0100, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> using gub pull requests
> together with
> allows me to successfully run gub's `make lilypond' on my machine,
> including regression tests and documentation!  This means that
> a lilypond build is no longer bound to a certain architecture, user,
> or top-level directory.  As soon as issue #5456 is in git master you
> can test this :-)

I succeeded in 'make lilypond' with a very conservative setup: Ubuntu
14.04, installed with package updates in a VM but then ran in a chroot
jail from my main Fedora distro, GUB installed in /home/gub/NewGub,
applied hints documented in Issue 5384.

I merged GUB PRs 53 and 54 (with respective revisions c410c4b and
d1c9a24, which are older than current ones), and built LilyPond
15180ceadcb53113ccfe092a2882dd855c102693 (from master branch).

My computer is not that fast and I don't want to let it run without my
supervision (I changed the power supply two weeks ago after the
original one broke after a decade of good service, and I'm not sure
I'll make it to upgrade from my old Core 2 Duo before next year), so I
can't test GUB build every day, but I consider providing efforts to
upgrade Python in GUB to 2.7. I saw from other messages than there are
issues with build attempts on Fedora, so I'd rather keep that
conservative setup at the moment and help with issues on the side of
the target, and Python seems to be first on the list.

John Mandereau

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