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Re: gub: I can now completely build lilypond

From: Knut Petersen
Subject: Re: gub: I can now completely build lilypond
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 11:34:02 +0100
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Hi everybody!

ubuntu 18 is still broken, and the 0001-Fix... patch ignores that it breaks gub on all systems that don't have a gcc-7. Obviously some polishing is needed, but first I will spend some time on fixing the issues on ubuntu 18.

Have a look at those three new pull requests:

With those on top of gpercica/gub master and pull request 53-57

   bin/gub darwin-ppc::lilypond  darwin-x86::lilypond freebsd-64::lilypond  
freebsd-x86::lilypond linux-64::lilypond  linux-ppc::lilypond  
linux-x86::lilypond mingw::lilypond

succeeds on openSuSE Tumbleweed, ubuntu 16.04 and ubuntu 18.04.

make lilypond fails during lilypond-test, but I think Werner is working on that 

The two pull requests related to  lilypond-test fix different issues, not the issue 
currently discussed in the  "Re: I cannot run make check since Issue 5450: Introduce new command `set?'" thread.

Please test on other build systems ...


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