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Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: What is holding up 2.20 release?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2019 14:11:20 +0100
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Am 16.11.19 um 21:52 schrieb David Kastrup:
But the current roadblock is David K. cherry-picking some patches.  Here
is a remaining list (not completely up to date with current master,
though not missing much) to check for possible inclusion (assuming I
have not overlooked something important pickable in the sequence
before).  If you see something important here (or something not in
current master), put in a word for it.

I just realised that the error mentioned at issue 5251 ( is a regression:

2.18.2 good
2.19.27 good
2.19.28 bad
2.19.83 bad
master good (and added regtest

Probably one of the four commits for issue 4594 (2e22eccf and ancestors) introduced the bug.

So I’d vote for cherry-picking 253b2489, 349fb569, c7bf27ad even though they haven’t been on your list.

3ba581df6a Issue 5490: fix for wrong clefs.varC_change
The varC clefs are a 2.19 feature. I think that new features in stable versions should be bug-free if possible so I’d vote for cherry-picking this too.

2afb45bd85 Issue 5489/1: improve prall glyphs
56942ccc5f Issue 5489/2: rename trilelement → trillelement
The wrong prall glyphs have annoyed me for years now and have seen them every now and then in scores on the internet. It’s a simple fix, I don’t expect heavy side effects (at least for 5489/1) so I’d vote for picking this.

1284c743b0 Issue 5487/1: add very short and Henze fermatas
77b98cbbc6 Issue 5487/2: add new fermatas to Changes doc
ff348fa75a Issue 5486/1: add very short/Henze fermata commands
c9286e87ee Issue 5486/2: add fermata commands to NR
New features, don’t pick.

0f047e3514 Fix German quarter tone pitch names.
Simple fix, backwards-compatible, pick.

8d7c176b45 Issue 5511/1: add articulation support to MMRs
4424b153c0 Issue 5511/2: deprecate \fermataMarkup
Syntax change, don’t pick. Off-topic: maybe 2.22 or 2.24 can have MMRs and rests be the same in the input language?

1272e45b49 Issue 5526 Add ly version to is not part of stable/2.20 branch. IMHO is broken and should be postponed to 2.22, see

03f4723afc Issue 5520/1: Improvements to \ambitusAfter
2b52bc2bf1 Issue 5520/2: add \ambitusAfter to Changes
\ambitusAfter is not part of stable/2.20 so don’t pick.

17d3d3a151 Issue 4362/1: head completion uses dotted breves
49f41bf1c6 Issue 4362/2: add regtest
Simple fix, I’d consider picking it.

3300acdd8d Issue 5532/1: \ottava doesn’t confuse ambitus
04a0052411 Issue 5532/2: add regtest
Simple fix, I’d consider picking this.

2c2908c905 Issue 5563: make edges of brackets dashable
476194c706 Issue 5559/1: Add user-definable ottava markups
608aa55988 Issue 5559/2: add regtest
6f319a862d Issue 5556/3: make OttavaBracket text default boldThese should not be picked because the changes are relatively big and
neither thoroughly tested nor well documented yet.
2f1649830b Issue 5559/4: fix regression (ambitus with ottava)
However this one improves 5532/2 and might be picked.

2823ff0e87 Issue 5579: fix stem tremolo on rests crash
We don’t want crashes in stable versions, do we? ;)

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