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Re: A suggestion: add \rf to built-in dynamics

From: Peter Toye
Subject: Re: A suggestion: add \rf to built-in dynamics
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 15:44:03 +0000

Saturday, January 4, 2020, 1:57:25 PM, you wrote:

> Am Sa., 4. Jan. 2020 um 14:02 Uhr schrieb Peter
> Toye <address@hidden>:

>> Thanks. CG chapter 2 starts off by saying that LilyDev has everything I 
>> should need, but then only mentions how to install it under VirtualBox 
>> (which I don't know at all) in Windows or MacOS. I'm a Linux newbie and 
>> haven't used Unix since about 2000 (on a Sun box), so it's all a bit of a 
>> learning curve.
>> Should I be looking at lily-git instead?

> Nope.

> Personally I'd follow "CG 3.2 Starting with Git", doing all stuff
> myself where needed. As said before.

Ah - the hair-shirt approach :) I'm too soft - spent too much time on Windows.

> If you want a LilyDev then:
> For LINUX probably best to download
> LilyDev-1-debian.tar.xz
> from
> and follow the instructions in section "Container" from here:

So LilyDev always runs in a VM. Now I see what the documentation is getting at. 
I'm not sure my antique laptop is powerful enough so may end up with VirtualBox 

>> I'm not an experienced git user, and  it's beginning to look as if a minor 
>> change to three text files is going to end up with me being swamped in new 
>> software :)

> Well, to submit a patch you'll need git.
> Once the setup works, you may want to do more than one patch.

I was rather hoping my coding days were over :(

> Doing development-work will always come along
> with some new software ;)


> At least the LilyDev-container will help a bit.

> Maybe Federico steps in, he knows his stuff best, of course

> Cheers,
>   Harm

All the best,


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