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Re: Calculate download sizes rather than hardcoding them (issue 56734004

From: dak
Subject: Re: Calculate download sizes rather than hardcoding them (issue 567340043 by address@hidden)
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2020 13:45:45 -0700

On 2020/03/08 20:25:50, hahnjo wrote:
> A general question that I'm probably just unable to find in the
script: As far
> as I understand the documentation file changes, this will include
download sizes
> for both stable and devel releases. How is this going to work for a
> source tree that is either stable or devel?

I have no idea and have not received relevant input for it.  So my own
strategy is to let it go in and see what happens.  There is some info
regarding website building in the CG but it hasn't been touched for a
long time.  Note that the half-way failure mode of this patch is to
leave HTML comments in the pages.  So we get to see which pages get the
comments, and which pages get actual sizes.

We can move from there to decide whether the stable branch needs the
same patches (which is likely) and let ourselves be surprised just when
and why the results may migrate to the web pages.
> File scripts/build/ (right):
> scripts/build/ sed -i -e "$script" $sourcefiles
> "sed -i" is not portable and doesn't work on FreeBSD and macOS IIRC. I
> check the other commands in here, but I'm sure for that one.

Well, maybe, but:

git grep 'sed -i'
Documentation/GNUmakefile:      sed -i -e 's/ISOLANG *= *fr/ISOLANG =
$(ISOLANG)/' $(ISOLANG)/GNUmakefile
Documentation/contributor/doc-work.itexi:sed -i -r
's/[0-9a-z]@{40@}/NEW-COMMITTISH/' *.texidoc
scripts/auxiliar/ grep --name-only $1 | xargs
sed -i -e s/$1/$2/g
stepmake/stepmake/po-targets.make:      sed -i '1,2d'
stepmake/stepmake/po-targets.make:      sed -i -e 's/^\# This file is
distributed.*/$(sed-header)/' $(po-outdir)/$(package).po
stepmake/stepmake/po-targets.make:      sed -i -e 's/^\"Content-Type:
text\/plain.*/$(sed-content)/' $(po-outdir)/$(package).po

At least the stuff in po-targets.make looks like it might get executed
on normal builds.  Only glanced over the files, though.

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