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Re: Added transition lines for lyrics (issue 565750043 by address@hidden

From: hanwenn
Subject: Re: Added transition lines for lyrics (issue 565750043 by address@hidden)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 11:12:13 -0700

On 2020/03/10 10:05:46, davidsg wrote:
> On 2020/03/10 09:59:29, davidsg wrote:
> > Revision following review
> Removed -> as special syntax, and uses instead the command
> Transitions are still separated from hyphens, which leaves
> _almost_ a duplicate of hyphen-engraver. As transitions are printed
> line-spanner, the properties are quite different to hyphens. Will it
get messy
> if the properties are merged into LyricHyphens, or doesn't this

You don't have to merge into LyricHyphen. You could do something like

if (ev_)
  if (is_transition (ev_)) {
    hyphen_ = make_spanner ("LyricTransition", ev_->self_scm ());
  } else {
    hyphen_ = make_spanner ("LyricHyphen", ev_->self_scm ());

> Uses ly:spanner::set-spacing-rods rather than
> ly:lyric-transition::set-spacing-rods, so the Lyric_transition struct
has been
> removed completely.
> Added (somewhat clumsily named - any suggestions?) properties to
spanner, for
> spacing required for transitions: minimum-length-add-bounds and
> minimum-length-add-padding. If true, the extent of bounds protrusion
into the
> spacing rod, or padding, is in effect added to minimum-length for

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