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SMuFL name mapping update, 17 March

From: Owen Lamb
Subject: SMuFL name mapping update, 17 March
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 08:42:40 -0700
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Hi all,

I've finished mapping the last five glyph categories: Mensural, Neomensural, Petrucci, Solesmes, and Kievan. Of those, only the Mensural and Neomensural glyphs provided much trouble, but as always, extra pairs of eyes are encouraged to spot typos and other mistakes or give suggestions throughout the database.

The link to my work:

A couple details showed up in the Solesmes and Kievan glyph mappings that caused me to change a few decisions in the Vaticana section as well, so be sure to check out the contentions and annotations there.

This leaves the following outstanding tasks (I'd update the to-do list on the Github wiki, but I keep getting an error when I try):

Proposed deletions:
* noteheads.s1(do|re|mi|fa|sol|la|ti).* (redundant glyphs; in all cases identical to s0)
* scripts.trillelement (unused; scripts.trill_element is used instead)
* scripts.augmentum (unused; dots.dotvaticana is used instead)

I think the deletions can be made in a simple commit at any time, adding a few glyph replacements to convert-ly. If I'm free this week, I'll put an MR together.

High priority issues (I'd like to get these done before I begin integrating my GSoC work):
* A glyph should be created for SMuFL's clefChangeCombining character.
* noteheads.[uds][0-2].*(Funk|Walker): There's... still a lot to sort out here. I'll give it another pass, but I'd rather not get too hung up over it. * scripts.arpeggio(.arrow.M?1)?: I think we'll need to create rotated copies of these glyphs to satisfy SMuFL, which means the current glyphs as they stand should get unique names that don't match any current SMuFL glyph. * scripts.pralldown: Some more research is in order--is this functionally identical to SMuFL's ornamentPrecompTrillLowerSuffix? * Contentions in this session's work (Vaticana edits plus Mensural, Neomensural, Petrucci, Solesmes, and Kievan): please let me know if you notice anything or have suggestions!

Once these things are straightened out, I'll dust off my GSoC code, using the data here to create a SMuFL version of Emmentaler and give LilyPond SMuFL support.

Low priority issues (Nice to do, but can wait until after GSoC integration):
* A small numeral set should be created so non-LP programs can print fingerings easily.
* noteheads.[ud]M2: It would be nice if the stems weren't hardcoded.
* It might be nice to add a set of combining strokes for custom trill composition. * pedal.Ped: Looking again at this, I'd sure love to call the SMuFL base glyph keyboardPedalPed a ligature [keyboardPedalPedNoDot + keyboardPedalDot]. But I'm worried that if someone enables a styleset to automatically correct keyboardPedalPed to keyboardPedalPedNoDot, then we'd have an infinite loop in ligature/alternate evaluation. Thoughts? * accordion.oldEE: This may have to remain a mystery, but I'll ask one more time: has anyone seen this thing in accordion literature before??

See you next time,
Owen Lamb

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