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Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 17 March

From: Benkő Pál
Subject: Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 17 March
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 18:05:37 +0100

Hi Owen,

first: thanks for this work.

Owen Lamb <> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. márc. 17., Cs, 16:42):
> Hi all,
> I've finished mapping the last five glyph categories: Mensural,
> Neomensural, Petrucci, Solesmes, and Kievan. Of those, only the Mensural
> and Neomensural glyphs provided much trouble, but as always, extra pairs
> of eyes are encouraged to spot typos and other mistakes or give
> suggestions throughout the database.
> The link to my work:
> Low priority issues (Nice to do, but can wait until after GSoC integration):
> * noteheads.[ud]M2: It would be nice if the stems weren't hardcoded.


re the longest rests:
1. a perfect longa rest and a maxima rest are not the same;
2. a perfect longa rest should take three spaces (like current
emmentaler rests.M3mensural), not four (as, I fear, the bravura
mensuralRestLongaPerfecta implies)
3. a maxima rest consists of two (or three) longa rests, similar to
rests.M3neomensural, so much that theoretically one can't tell a
maxima rest from two (three) longa rests.  renaissance version of
multimeasure rests use groups of longa rests at different staff
positions, like

I can't check right now, but I think LilyPond doesn't use longa glyphs
in ligatures: longae are drawn by adding stems to brevis glyphs.


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