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Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 17 March

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: SMuFL name mapping update, 17 March
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2022 16:27:56 +0000 (UTC)

> I've finished mapping the last five glyph categories: Mensural,
> Neomensural, Petrucci, Solesmes, and Kievan.  Of those, only the
> Mensural and Neomensural glyphs provided much trouble, but as
> always, extra pairs of eyes are encouraged to spot typos and other
> mistakes or give suggestions throughout the database.

Looks good, thanks – I'm not an expert for those glyphs, so I might
have missed stuff.

> Proposed deletions:
> * noteheads.s1(do|re|mi|fa|sol|la|ti).* (redundant glyphs; in all
>   cases identical to s0)
> * scripts.trillelement (unused; scripts.trill_element is used
>   instead)
> * scripts.augmentum (unused; dots.dotvaticana is used instead)
> I think the deletions can be made in a simple commit at any time,
> adding a few glyph replacements to convert-ly.  If I'm free this
> week, I'll put an MR together.

OK from me.  Jürgen?

> High priority issues (I'd like to get these done before I begin
> integrating my GSoC work):
> * A glyph should be created for SMuFL's clefChangeCombining
>   character.

Really?  Why?  As far as I understand the issue, this character is
only necessary for creating ligatures.  If this is correct, no glyph
is needed at all.  Instead, the FontForge script should be extended to
create a proper 'GSUB' table that maps input ligatures to the
corresponding Feta glyphs.

> * A small numeral set should be created so non-LP programs can print
>   fingerings easily.

This should be easy to do.


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