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Re: Font of lyrics text

From: Asempl
Subject: Re: Font of lyrics text
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 22:55:57 +0300

> Asempl <address@hidden> wrote:
> [Using Cyrillic and other fonts.]
> > The problem is fixed.
> I'm glad to read this.
> > My copy of LilyPond was loading scm/font file from location of BUILD
> > directory (/usr/src/BUILD/lilypond-1.4.10). After deleting the source
> > files used for building, LilyPond loaded scm/font.scm properly.
> Lilypond isn't supposed to look there. Maybe an incorrect value for an
> environment variable.

Yes, The problem lied namely there. Thank you.

> > Now my cyrillic text works OK, although with latin encoding only.

> I haven't figured out how to get the header fields (like title, poet,
> composer) in Cyrillic text. I want to fix that first, before working
> on the lyrics.

Usually I don't try to typeset Title, poet, composer and so on via lilypond. 
It is often necessary for me to make a plain text and a music fragments 
side-by-side in single document (such as music manual or analytic article).
For my puposes it is more convenient to work in a way described below:

I prepare file containing music and lyrics only -- without titles. 
After that I produce music.tex file via:

$ lilypond

Futhermore, I make piece.tex file like this:






And later, I produce piece.dvi file via:

$ latex piece.tex

To automate the process I use Makefile like this:

piece.dvi : piece.tex music.tex
      latex $<

music.tex :
      lilypond $<

With this Makefile, it is possible to activate all the process via single 

$ make

Furthermore, I have to produce VERY large (more than 100 pages) music pieces 
from time to time. ly2dvi often cannot handle them, but lilypond+latex can.

Thank you.


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