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Re: Lyrics and clefs

From: Iain Phillips
Subject: Re: Lyrics and clefs
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:48:15 +0100

Thanks very much for the tips.  I got good results by just applying the
VerticalExtent to the tenor voice.
I like the close spacing between notes and lyrics.

Iain Phillips

Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> One feature of Lilypond is that it adjusts the spacing
> between different staves and between staves and lyrics
> based on the vertical extent of each stave. The problem
> is that the highest and lowest object of a stave is used
> to determine the spacing, even though they may be
> separated horizontally. In this specific example it means
> that Lilypond doesn't realize that the clef will never
> collide with the lyrics.
> One possible solution is to specify the vertical extent of
> each stave manually, just add the following to your example:
> \score{
>   ...
> \paper{
>   \translator{
>     \StaffContext
>     VerticalExtent = #'(-4 . 4)
>   }
> }
> }
> The problem is that if you have notes lower than middle C in
> the upper stave, it will collide with the lyrics. You could
> also increase the minimal vertical extent of the other
> staves, so they get the same extent as the stave with the
> tenor clef, setting
> MinimumVerticalExtent = #'(-6 . 4)
> instead of VerticalExtent. Then, Lilypond will still increase
> the spacing if necessary if you have some notes with many
> ledger lines.
> In the latest development versions, the default spacing seems
> to have been increased, giving a result similar to what you
> get with the second alternative.
>   /Mats
> > I would like to use the treble clef down an octave (G_8) for the tenor
> > voice in transcribing a choral piece.  I notice that the lyrics are
> > placed lower than when a simple treble clef is used, as if they are
> > trying to avoid clashing with the 8 below the clef.  Is there a way I
> > can get the lyrics higher?
> >
> > I append an example file.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Iain Phillips

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