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Lyrics and clefs

From: Iain Phillips
Subject: Lyrics and clefs
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 16:01:15 +0000

I would like to use the treble clef down an octave (G_8) for the tenor
voice in transcribing a choral piece.  I notice that the lyrics are
placed lower than when a simple treble clef is used, as if they are
trying to avoid clashing with the 8 below the clef.  Is there a way I
can get the lyrics higher?

I append an example file.

Iain Phillips
\version "1.4.3"
% Example shows that Lilypond takes the size of the clef into account
% when positioning lyrics.

\score {
  \context Staff = SopStaff {
    \clef violin
    \notes \relative c' {c d e f}
  \context Lyrics = SopLyrics {
    \lyrics {
      do re mi fa
  \context Staff = TenStaff {
    \clef "G_8"
    \notes \relative c {c d e f}
  \context Lyrics = TenLyrics {
    \lyrics {
      do re mi fa

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