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Re: Lyrics and clefs

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lyrics and clefs
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 18:56:06 +0200

One feature of Lilypond is that it adjusts the spacing
between different staves and between staves and lyrics
based on the vertical extent of each stave. The problem
is that the highest and lowest object of a stave is used
to determine the spacing, even though they may be 
separated horizontally. In this specific example it means
that Lilypond doesn't realize that the clef will never
collide with the lyrics.

One possible solution is to specify the vertical extent of
each stave manually, just add the following to your example:

    VerticalExtent = #'(-4 . 4)

The problem is that if you have notes lower than middle C in
the upper stave, it will collide with the lyrics. You could
also increase the minimal vertical extent of the other
staves, so they get the same extent as the stave with the
tenor clef, setting 
MinimumVerticalExtent = #'(-6 . 4)
instead of VerticalExtent. Then, Lilypond will still increase
the spacing if necessary if you have some notes with many 
ledger lines.

In the latest development versions, the default spacing seems
to have been increased, giving a result similar to what you
get with the second alternative.


> I would like to use the treble clef down an octave (G_8) for the tenor
> voice in transcribing a choral piece.  I notice that the lyrics are
> placed lower than when a simple treble clef is used, as if they are
> trying to avoid clashing with the 8 below the clef.  Is there a way I
> can get the lyrics higher?
> I append an example file.
> Thanks
> Iain Phillips
> ---------------------
> \version "1.4.3"
> % Example shows that Lilypond takes the size of the clef into account
> % when positioning lyrics.
> \score {
>   <
>   \addlyrics
>   \context Staff = SopStaff {
>     \clef violin
>     \notes \relative c' {c d e f}
>   }
>   \context Lyrics = SopLyrics {
>     \lyrics {
>       do re mi fa
>     }
>   }
>   \addlyrics
>   \context Staff = TenStaff {
>     \clef "G_8"
>     \notes \relative c {c d e f}
>   }
>   \context Lyrics = TenLyrics {
>     \lyrics {
>       do re mi fa
>     }
>   }
>   >
> }
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