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Re: Lyrics spacing with lilypond 1.6.4

From: Alois Steindl
Subject: Re: Lyrics spacing with lilypond 1.6.4
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 14:04:42 +0200
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an (partial) answer to my own question:
I just tried the same input with lilypond 1.6.4 on an RedHat 7.3 system and it worked nicely. I will have to look into the cygwin tree, whether there are any old files hidden.

Run ly2dvi -V to get a verbose listing of all files read by

I think I figured out what happened:
Since I just had installed the new TeXLive 7 distribution on my PC, I wanted to keep that as my default. Therefore I tried quite hard to have the teTeX and LiveTeX distributions coexist. Today I re-installed tetex-tiny several times (due to clashes of environment variables (TEXMFCNF) settings there where some problems), until it produced proper output. Now the spacing looks perfect. I had thaught that lilypond already takes care of the proper spacing and LaTeX only does the typesetting, but the two programs are much more interwoven. So the solution will likely be to keep a subset of the teTeX-tiny package -- just latex.{fmt,exe} and the kpathsea-related programs and of course a proper texmf.cnf file, which points to the proper directory trees in the TeXLive branch. Or maybe I switch over from LiveTeX to teTeX. (Since I have Win2k and Redhat linux on my PC, I would prefer to use a common distribution).

Thanks for your valuable hints!


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