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Key sigs & repeats

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Key sigs & repeats
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 13:55:34 +0100

I have compiled up Lilypond 1.6.4 and am having a great time. 
It's brill.
However, I'm having a few formatting problems, which I'm trying to isolate.
More of that later...

However, I have a repeat section following another repeat section:

        \repeat volta 2 { blah blah } 
        \repeat volta 2 { \key bes \major blah blah }

The key change appears between the previous repeat-end marker and the next
repeat start marker.
I've not seen this representation before, as I would have expected the
key-sig to appear at the beginning of the first bar of the second repeat

Is this normal behaviour or is it common-place is some circles.
If it is, is there a way of altering this behaviour?

Secondly, I have a grace note at the beginning of a bar following a repeated
section and it is shoved (rather unceremoniously) into the preceding bar
(the last bar of the repeat). Has anybody seen this before?

Most obliged. 
Keep up the good work!


Old chinese proverb...
"Man who shoot off mouth, expect to lose face."

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