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RE: Using Lilypond with OpenOffice?

From: Ray Peck
Subject: RE: Using Lilypond with OpenOffice?
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 16:33:04 -0800

>Oh, wait, you could import the music as bitmaps, but that's probably
>not what you meant, right?

Yeah.  That would be An Abomination.  ;-)

> 3. It is very likely that contributions to the project I'm
> working on will come from people to whom OpenOffice or Word
> will be a challenge; TeX is out of the question.  Text-input
> Lilypond will also be out of the question for these people;
> the GUI will be required.

>"The GUI" for lilypond? Which program is this?

Isn't "Denemo" a GUI front end for Lilypond?

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