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Re: Using Lilypond with OpenOffice?

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Using Lilypond with OpenOffice?
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 09:54:02 +0100
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Ray Peck <address@hidden> writes:

>>Adobe reader is not free software; I couldn't care less.  
> Was someone here trying to start a religious war?

Possibly, please bite ;-) What I meant to say was: I don't have that
software, and I won't put much effort into supporting it.  We'll want
to target true SVG, but we don't have that yet.  So ...

> Second, I asked about whether Adobe's SVG reader can read
> the output as a measure of the state of the SVG output and
> nothing else.

... if you want to know if it works with some non-free software,
you'll have to try yourself.  If you get it to work, good for you.

> Third, I don't understand why you are defending using EPS
> above and shitting on the Adobe reader below.  

Maybe you want to read:

> If the SVG output is close to being able to work, it may
> well be worth my effort.  If it's far, it's probably not.
> That's what I am trying to get a feel for. . .

You'll have to try it.


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