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Re[2]: Fis or not fis, that is the question.

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Re[2]: Fis or not fis, that is the question.
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 16:50:50 -0000

Hi all,
By 'eck.
Seems like I've stirred up a real wasps nest here, although that wasn't my
I think that what works best depends on what you use it for.
I mainly use Lily for transcribing old hand-written historical stuff that my
band has accumulated over the years, and I cannot claim to have the
experience of some of the other distinguished persons with implementing a
wide variety of musical examples.

I guess that it is also true that the whole concept of a key is a relatively
modern concept.

However, it does no harm to challenge established "norms" every now and
then, otherwise people are liable to forget exactly why it is that things
are done in a certain way.

As I said before, I am very happy to continue with Lily as it is.
It's free and it works and it does the job.
I will say no more on the subject....

BTW, does Jan or Han have any comment to make?


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