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Re: The dreaded font problem (again)

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: The dreaded font problem (again)
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:31:39 +0100
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This is a known problem with some of the 1.6.x releases and has been
solved in the latest stable version, 1.6.8.
You can fix your current installation by downloading the Type1 font
files for 1.6.8 (assuming you have root access):

mkdir /tmp/newfonts
cd /tmp/newfonts/
wget -l 1 -nd -r -A pfa,map
mv *.pfa $LILYPONDSHARE/fonts/type1/
mv *.map $LILYPONDSHARE/dvips

where $LILYPONDSHARE is /usr/share/lilypond/1.6.6/ or wherever the
files are installed on your system.


Geoff Horton wrote:
I'm running Lilypond 1.6.6, installed from rpm, on a Red Hat 8.0
system. (Two of them, actually, and they're both doing the same thing).
When I run  xdvi on the dvi output, it looks fine, but the .ps and .pdf
are bad.

I have:
* Uninstalled and reinstalled the package. (There seems to be a bug in
the uninstall script, BTW. I have to create a bogus directory and
fonts.dir file to get it to run.)
* Verified that the .pfa files are where they belong, and that they are
the 1.6.6 versions (or at least that rpm installed them in a directory
labelled 1.6.6).
* Made sure that my files say "p"

When I follow this sequence:

"Run the command:
  tex testfont
Fill in:
  Name of font to test = feta20
  * \table
  * \bye

Look at the file using xdvi:
  xdvi testfont
you should see a table with different musical symbols.

  dvips -Ppdf -G0 testfont

Look at the Postscript file using gv (ghostview)
  gv   (or ghostview
you should see the same result.

Try to convert the file to PDF:

Look at the PDF file:
  acroread testfont.pdf
Again the document should look the same."

It works (generating a ton of fonts in the meantime). But when I try to
run the actual file (I'm using the sample file), I still
get garbage.

Any thoughts?



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