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Re[2]: partcombine for more than two parts?

From: Jeremy
Subject: Re[2]: partcombine for more than two parts?
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 06:10:29 +0200

FB> This is a problem for me. We can save a lot of space on the full score 
FB> (for the conductor) when combining parts but there should be an option 
FB> to write only once dynamic that should appear exactly at the same place. 
FB> Otherwise, they are written one over the other slightly shifted.

Aaah... OK, I understand. But that's no problem at all. Excuse me if
this isn't all that clear -- it's 6 am, and I must go to bed. You just
need to have something like (this could not be the exact stuff as I
have not looked it up in the manual):

  \property Voice.DynamicText \set #'transparent = ##f

... in each separate Voice context, to hide its dynamics.


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