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Re: Help in using polyphony

From: Hendrik
Subject: Re: Help in using polyphony
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 18:53:33 +0200

Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> "Hendrik" <address@hidden> writes:
>>> I copied
>>>   \relative c''
>>>      \context Staff < \context Voice = VA { \voiceOne cis2 b  }
>>>        \context Voice = VB { \voiceThree b4 ais ~ ais4 gis4 }
>>>        \context Voice = VC { \voiceTwo fis4~  fis4 f ~ f  } >
>>> from the on-line manual.
>> For which version?  Simultaneous music is surrounded by <<
>> ... >> for quite some time.  < ... > is for chords.

Indeed it came from the manual for 1.8  Maybe there should be a warning that
such things have changed?  I found it by googling with
" polyphony".

The reason why I tried this, is that I want three voices on one staff for
guitar music, and combining them with
<< \melody
gives error messages which say something like "are you sure you don't want
polyphonic notation", so I started searching...
(Here \melody is a melody which is mostly above the staff, \accompany is a
series of double notes, which are each input like <<as c>> <<as c>>, and
\bass is mostly below the staff, so that it really should be possible to put
this on one staff (it has to, I'm typesetting a written piece)).

Well ok, I'll keep meddling and see what comes out...

Cheers, H.

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