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RE: What did I messed out?

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: RE: What did I messed out?
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 20:45:12 +0200

> 1st problem: I trying the view on DVI output on windows and 
> to try the point and click. I try a few viewers, one of the 
> jdvi for jedit. 
> However, what I see is only the barlines, and slight lines the beams.
> Something to do with PK fonts? I try playing with mktexmf.
first run dvips without like this:

dvips myScore.dvi

That way the pk fonts that are necessary for dvi viewers are generated.

> How do I solve the situation I'm in? I dont feel like 
> reinstalling Cygwin or Lilypond again.

Don't reinstall lily but install the latest version (2.2.2 if it comes
available at your favourite mirror). Perhaps this way your installation
problem get fixed.
If not, try to reinstall tetex


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