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Re: Time

From: Joshua Koo
Subject: Re: Time
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 03:56:37 +0800


Thanks for your replies.
Here's a part which I working to complete to place in mutopia-project. (Do tell me if you cant 
download the file, and I can send it as an attachment)

Its "simple" Bach music and the cello line, but yet it took me many hours to 
complete this page. (that why I want to find out how slow am i)
So the Qn: How long do you think you guys can usually finish it in?

Oh ya, something that come to mind... Wonder have you all use the the trace 
tracing software call Pov-ray? It has a markup languange that I almost thought 
it was lilypond's at first. I happen just to think there are couple of 
simalarities between these 2 software although one is for music, another for 
rendering 3d scenes.


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